field of soybeans with pigweed
Common Lespedeza | Turfgrass Weed Control Database
The Turfgrass Weed Control Database contains the same information and pictures included in the Miscellaneous Publication MP-521. The weeds are arranged alphabetically by scientific name because common names vary and thus be inaccurate.
Common Lespedeza, Lespedeza striata
Lespedeza striata
Lespedeza is often an indicator of insufficient nitrogen fertilization. 2,4-D alone will not control lespedeza or white clover. Products containing metsulfuron, fluroxypyr, or triclopyr are very effective on most legumes. Escalade II, Confront and metsulfuron (Manor, Mansion or Blade) are good lespedeza control products. When using three-ways (2,4-D + MCPP + dicamba), repeat applications are usually needed. Celsius (thiencarbazone + iodosulfuron + dicamba) should be effective on lespedeza. Ortho Chickweed and Oxalis Killer (8% triclopyr) is a good choice for homeowners. Do not use this product on centipedegrass, St. Augustinegrass or bermudagrass