field of soybeans with pigweed
Paspalum notatum | Turfgrass Weed Control Database
The Turfgrass Weed Control Database contains the same information and pictures included in the Miscellaneous Publication MP-521. The weeds are arranged alphabetically by scientific name because common names vary and thus be inaccurate.
Bahiagrass, Paspalum notatum
Paspalum notatum
Metsulfuron (Manor, Blade, Mansion) is a good choice for bahiagrass control in bermudagrass. Make two applications of metsulfuron 60 DF at one ounce of product per acre three to four weeks apart. Not effective on bahiagrass varieties other than 'Pensacola'.Do not use over the root zone of desirable trees and ornamentals. Add 0.25% nonionic surfactant. In centipedegrass, sethoxydim (Segment) may be used to control bahiagrass.